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Make more money sports betting with Scrimmage. Get the best odds, track your results, and use our insights to gain an edge.

Key Features:

Live Sports News Feed
Use our breaking news to make real-time betting decisions. Filter to only see the sports you care about.
Pregame and Live Odds
Get the best available lines at all legal U.S. sportsbooks. One click to redirect and place your bet.
Key Sports Insights
Find the best available bet with key trends, team and player statistics, live scores and more.
Automatic Bet Tracking
Eliminate manual tracking. We sync your complete betting history and automatically record all bets you make through your sportsbook accounts.

Live Sports News Feed

- We scan the internet so you don't have to. Get breaking news on all the sports and teams you care about. Use our filter's to see only the news you care about

- Our newsfeed is the perfect companion for making up-to-date betting decision

Pregame and Live Odds

- We aggregate data from the top U.S. sportsbooks so that you always get the best odds in the market.

- One click redirect to the sportsbook to place a bet

- We cover football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, MMA, and more.

- Spread, moneyline, totals, futures, and prop bets

Trends and Statistics that Give You an Edge

- Find the best matchups to bet on

- View how a team is trending for a specific bet, player injuries, lineups, team and player stats, and more

Top Sports Betting Trends and Insights

Automated Bet Tracking

- Place a bet at your synced sportsbook account and have it automatically record onto your tracker page

- Track your profit, win percentage, closing line value, and other important stats

- We provide the ability for both real money betting, as well as educational bet tracking so you can test your strategies before placing real money bets