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No Payton, NO Problem. An Over/Under Breakdown of the New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints finished 9-8 last year barely missing out on playoffs to another 9-8 team, the Philadelphia Eagles.  After an action-packed offseason for the Saints, Vegas has the Saints finishing around a similar mark of eight wins for this upcoming season. New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton works during the first half of…

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Scrimmage is also working on innovating sports betting industry with a P2E platform.

Scrimmage’s team is comprised of former Wall Street analysts, professional gamblers, and Web3 geeks, with the ambition of bringing the Web3 revolution to the sports betting industry. Our goal is to make sports betting more sustainable over the long term.
Scrimmage is currently a platform for sports bettors, with the aim of improving a bettor’s odds of winning. As it stands, sports betting currently is weighted heavily towards the sportsbooks success and not the sports bettor. Like many, the founding team at Scrimmage enjoys betting on sports. However, the beast that sports betting has become has a tendency to be a financial burden on the participants rather than an entertaining activity. The sports betting industry is quickly growing and millions of new bettors are entering the market every year. They need sustainable solutions to help offset their betting losses, but nobody has prioritized this aspect of the industry. This is where the founding team at Scrimmage believes they can make the greatest impact.
Scrimmage is a part of the Techstars Sports Accelerator Spring 2022 Cohort, launching a mobile app in May 2022, with over 1,000 downloads in the first month. We have also built a sizeable community of over 120,000 sports bettors through our social media accounts and we have affiliate partnerships with 8 US sportsbooks.

© 2022 Scrimmage. All Rights Reserved.

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